Property Condition Assessments
Evaluations that provide an overview of the property’s physical condition to identify and provide cost estimates for deferred-maintenance items and capital expenditures anticipated over the analysis term.

Construction Draw Reviews
Periodic on-site inspection during construction to ensure draw requests comply with approved plans and specifications, generally accepted levels of workmanship, and pertinent portions of the construction loan agreement

Hurricane Damage Assessments
Emergency-response surveys designed to assess damage from natural disasters and rapidly determine the habitability of each structure.

Vacancy Space Assessments
Audits that inventory the as-built physical layout, building systems and condition of current and future vacant suites in order to provide detailed facility information to prospective lessees.

Nothing frustrates building owners and occupants more than a leaky roof. We recommend Reeves to all of our clients to make sure that their roof is specified, designed, and installed properly – so that it performs as expected.

Joe Collins, President

Roof Condition Survey
Surveys begin with preliminary reviews of available and relevant drawings, specifications, reports and records, and interviews with property managers and/or maintenance engineers for the property. During the roof survey, observations are made to note the type of systems and general condition of the roof and associated components to locate problems and visible defects in the materials and roofing systems.

Infrared Moisture Evaluation
Performance of infrared thermography for identifying areas of suspected subsurface moisture is performed with infrared imaging systems. The infrared scanner and imaging systems can be used to scan all or select areas of the roof. The infrared roof moisture survey is recorded on video tape for later processing.

Electrical Capacitance Surveys
Electrical capacitance moisture meters can measure the electrical resistance within a roof system and detects changes in roofing conditions that may indicate trapped moisture.

Roofing/Waterproofing Analysis
Determining the effectiveness of your existing roof system and associated components is our primary objective. We evaluate all aspects of your roof construction including membrane, flashings and metal flashings, drainage apparatus, walls above roof level and above grade equipment.

Roof Specifications
Based on the data obtained through the field survey, Reeves can prepare a detailed set of roofing specifications so equivalent competitive bids may be obtained. The specifications are generally nonproprietary, listing several manufacturers of equivalent materials.

Construction Administration and Monitoring
Review of required submittals from the successful contractor, conduct a pre-construction conference, and prepare written minutes of the meeting.  Monitor the installation of the roof system.  Provide electronic reports with photographic documentation concerning daily activities.